Why do we stop the things we feel are good for us?

When we practice taiji we feel the benefit for the mindenergybody system. We know that it heals the harm from the pressures of outer life.

Worklife balance is not found in balancing work with play, but in balancing outer achievement with inner refinement.

True Taiji is a precious gift of Chinese culture which brings inner refinement. So why do so many who begin, who know their life needs balance, who clearly experience the benefit, not find the will to continue?

The waves of will to learn and waves of outer pressure build and fade ceaselessly. Periods of low will and high external pressure (due to health, work and family), are bound to occur. If you stop in that difficult time, you weaken your inner will and may not be able to restart. But if you continue, the taiji protects your​ health and inner being in that time of greatest need.

Patrick Kelly